Lecturer Opens Week 1 Lecture With a Confident “G’day”, Report Confirms

A host of first year engineering majors left in disarray, when their laid-back-sandal-wearing-cool-uncle lecturer, Dr. Chris Hunter, went left of field today in his greeting. Instead of opting for the grim “Let’s get started” or the dreaded “Good morning”, he decided it was time enough to keep his students on their toes with a bright “G’day everyone”.

“It was more of a spur of the moment thing,” he confided in the Salamander after the greeting landed. “I just wanted these kids to know that you can be an engineer and a laidback Aussie larrikin.”

The diversity of greetings has risen in early years as lecturers desperately try to stem the dwindling numbers of lecture attendees. When asked, Dr. Hunter - who insisted that we just call him “Chris” - said that the most important thing was building a rapport, and that his co-workers underestimated the power of a simple shake-up. “G’day is subversive,” he tells us. “It’s dynamic, it’s synergetic. That sort of thing, that makes ‘em come back.”

None of Dr. Hunter’s students were made available for comment.

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