“Member” of the Republican Movement Reportedly Cried in Episode Two of “The Crown”

A new report today reveals that a proud member of the Australian Republican Movement was brought to shuddering, gut-wrenching tears as he beheld the death of King George VI and the mourning of his daughters, wife and mother in Episode 2 of the popular Netflix drama The Crown. He had initially intended to watch the show in dire, ironic mockery of the ultimate fate of the British royal family.

“Princess Margaret was hot,” he tried to justify. “The dramatic circumstances around the family, the artful and subtle performances by the main cast and the dramatic insight into the remarkable, and yet demure, life of someone so powerful and yet so trapped by convention had nothing to do with it alright. Nothing. Rack off!”

Claire Foy, Peter Fitzsimons, Good Captain Peter Townsend and Elizabeth II were all unavailable to comment.

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