Conversation with Friend You Made in First Year Tute Already Run Out of Steam

Darren Simmons and Lee Nguyen were the only two guys in their Power tutorial at the start of first year in 2015. Running into each other on the 12:30AM Sandringham train after a late night sesh with their respective boys had been a refreshing and exciting surprise for about the first 30 seconds. Once it was clear that neither of them would be getting off at Richmond to change to another line, things began to deteriorate.

“So what classes did you do this year, haha?” Darren was heard asking in a weak attempt to stave off another excruciating 30 seconds of awkward silence.

“Oh yeah haha anyone on the go or are you still rockin’ single life mate?”

“Love smashing some beers in the city on a Thursday haha.”

“You have a sister in Year 12 right? How’s she going with SACs and stuff?”

“Do you remember what our tutor’s name was again mate? Haha oh, no reason I just forgot, was wondering if you remember. All good if you don’t though.”

Thankfully, the poor excuse for a discussion died, the Salamander has heard, when one of them pulled out his phone to “check the time” and then spent 2 minutes checking his emails.

“We gotta catch up over a coffee sometime mate. Or a beer if you like.”

“Oh yeah for sure.”

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