Guy You Hoped Was Three Layers Deep into Irony Definitely Actually Alt-right, Facebook Rant Confirms

A guy you friended halfway through second year in order to tick over from 699 friends to 700 has been liking all those cringey Milo links unironically this whole time, a 400-word rant in the comments of a Sky News post has confirmed. Despite initially dismissing the News Feed blights as a unique-yet-funny-enough joke, the actions of the friend of a friend you met in the Bands, Bevs and BBQ line in order to cut the queue has left little ambiguity as to his political inclinations following his comment crusade against “ugly SJWs, lesbian feminists and cucks”.

“I should have known the moment I saw him angry react Richard Di Natale’s post. I don’t know. I guess I assumed he was deep in character?”

The particularly volatile tirade came after he had sat through a “trot-fest” of an International Politics tutorial, where the tutor had been “unwilling, no, unable” to protect his freedom of speech against the “dog-faced women” who’d dared to challenge his 4chan inspired stance on the gender pay gap.

Whilst your options from this point on are fairly limited, the Salamander recommends unfollowing, screenshotting it for a friend of your own political alignment, or an ice-cold haha react.

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