Editors of Mediocre Media Start-Up Crack 50 Likes, Reward Themselves with Well-Deserved 12 Day Break

The founders of a largely unremarkable media start-up have celebrated hitting 50 likes on Facebook with a totally unnecessary hiatus from posting, the Salamander has heard today.

The two students, who launched the site late last year to distract themselves from the depressing mundanity of their own lives, were overheard discussing how they had apparently “made it big time” by reaching the same amount of likes as a 6/10 cover photo, and could thus justify an almost two week lull. Whilst the two were largely unperturbed by the fact that a large proportion of those likes were achieved by DMing close friends, they did express concern at the alarmingly slow response rate.

“Being left on seen isn’t one of the best feelings, to be honest,” one told the Salamander. “But I bet when this bad boy hits 100 they’ll come crawling back, don’t you worry. Just gotta wait for the holidays to finish up first.”

Not all of the publication’s followers were as relaxed about the extended break, however. One reader went as far as to describe the break as “a degree of laziness befitting a debating captain at cross country” and “pretty disappointing given their initial enthusiasm”, claims that the publication’s founders dismissed.

“Haha who cares.”

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